PVD Hard Coating Equipment PVN650 series

PVN 650-C series feature

  • Large nanocomposite hard coating equipment.
  • Mode:PVN650-C6;PVN650-C12.
  • Using round cathode arc coating technologies, and high effective utilization in round target, and highly used plasma volume.
  • Dedicated to coat large-volume work pieces, especially molds, dies, machine parts…etc
  • Highly productivity for cutting tool. Capacity: 4800 shank tools (ø4*50mm)
  • Good uniformity of coating in chamber.
  • Coatings:TiN, CrN, ZrN, TiX-H, TiAlN, AlTiN, AlCrN, AlTiN, AlTiCrN etc.

SEM Cross-section of TiX-H coating

SEM Cross-section of TiN coating