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Founded in 2019, BENZSON INTERNATIONAL is a dynamic trading and consulting company that specializes in the import and export of cutting tools, machinery, and personal care products. We also offer comprehensive consulting services such as Thai company registration, BOI promotion and registration, and foreign business license assistance, helping clients navigate complex business environments and regulatory requirements.

In 2023, BENZSON CORPORATION was established, focusing on the manufacturing of chemicals, dyestuffs, and tapioca starch designed for the paper industry. Our extensive range of colorants and additives supports various industrial needs, offering direct dyes, basic dyes and pigments, optical brightening agents (OBA), surface sizing agents (SSA), dry strength agent (DSA), defoamers, wet strength agents (WSA), native tapioca starch, modified tapioca starch, and cationic starch.

At BENZSON GROUP, we are dedicated to providing high-quality products and solutions that meet the precise needs of our valued business partners. We invite you to collaborate with us for reliable products and expert consulting services tailored to your needs. Let’s build successful ventures and achieve excellence together.




    About Benzson Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd mission is to provide unique and innovative products to meet our customers’ challenging processing requirements. We are committed to providing quality service, quality products and building long-term customer relationships. We are proud of the attention to detail and customer care and seek to have fun in our work. Looking for the best CNC Cutting Tool and Machinery & Personal Care Products and so on., please contact us!

Our Consulting Service Business Unit

Consulting Service ( Company Registration, BOI Registration, Foreign License, Export/Import License, Work Permit)

      If your new business in Thailand is likely to provide substantial economic benefits to Thailand, you may be eligible to register your business as foreign owned with the Board of Investment (BOI). Subject to meeting the criteria of the Board, there are incentives and privileges attached to a company formed in this way. If you believe that your business might fall into this category, we will be happy to advise and guide you through the process.

Product Quality

Benzson Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd Develops Product Specifications By Carefully Studying And Selecting Tool Geometries To Optimize The Cutting Performance Of A Given Material And Coating Application For The Specified Use.

     We recognize that quality product quality and consistency begins with finding the right quality material. all of these measures help ensure consistency between batches and adhere to strict tolerance standards. For demanding product applications, advanced coatings are applied to maximize performance and tool life. The result is one of the smallest, deepest and most reliable small diameter and special cutting tool options on the market.
        In the future, our company will establish regional dealerships in Thailand and focus on e-commerce activities with its own branded (BENZSON Technologies) products as well as the products of the producers that already have business cooperation with us



Cutting Tooling


Coating Application

PLASMA Product

Nylon Tube

One Touch Coupler

Consulting Service

You Deserve One Of Our Best Lawyers

with 2 years of law experience



New product GT-ROC-A2

New product ONE TOUCH COUPLER GT-ROC-A2   Installlation time : 2 SecondsThresding : Not RequiredRequired tools : Not RequiredReusability: Non-ReusableTensile Stremgth : More than 750N/Applicable rebar grades : SD300,SD400,SD500,SD600 (Japanese Standard)


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