Nylon Tube

Nylon Tube

New Generation Air Conditioner Tube

1. Nylon Tube

CATube Nylon A/C Tube

  • No welding required
  • cheaper
  • 65% lighter than copper
  • Length customization
  • Semi-permanent corrosion protection surface coating
  • The same way as the copper tube to expand, but use rubber gaskets to prevent cracking
  • Usable after moving
  • High compressive strength
  • No special tool demand

2. Product structure and specifications


  • Salt spray test: KSD8502, 720HR
  • Freon :R32,R410A
  • Temperature :100ºC/720HR, -30ºC/720HR
  • 250,000 cycle test
  • Pressure:4Kg/㎤
  • Vibration:Up to 0.1S -5Hz


  • A3003 / A1100
  • Seamless processing aluminum tube

Special coating

  • Nylon resin :French Rhodia D236AL/BRN
  • CATube Nylon resin is better than PA12 on anti-heat and anti-U
  • The same colour and luster as copper tube

Packing unit

  • Standard :Set,String,Bundle(Level Winding)
  • Packing and length customization

3. The Advantage of Nylon A/C tube


  • Cheaper than copper tubes
  • No special tool demand (The same as the tools of copper tubes)


  • Excellent anti-corrosion (Salt spray test : KSD9502, 720HR)
  • Heat and cold resistance
  • Anti-corrosion potential
  • Impact resistance
  • pressure tolerance (With testing report and certification)


  • Good bending and easier to install
  • Lighter
  • Needless to remove the nylon jacket during installation

4. Compare with others

  • Compare with copper and others

5. Additional Purchase

6. CAtube Testing Report