PTC Magnetic Pump

PTC Magnetic Pump

New Generation PTC Magnetic Pump

1. PTC Magnetic Pump

  • Product Features

    Excellent corrosion resistance / Simple structure / Easy maintenance / Sealles no leakage / Durable and high efficiency / Innovative design of thermal cooling structure

2. Product specifications

Front Casing

  • Adjustable flange, the direction of the flange can be rotate to match bolt holes for piping installation

Impeller+Inner Magnet

  • Molding one piece design for impeller and inner magnet, improve stability during operation.

Rear Casing

  • Extra thickness and special structure design, improve pressure resistance and durability


  • PP material for excellent corrosion resistance and lightweight


  • Patented design for thermal cooling channel, better heat transfer and balancing temperature

Shaft Supporter

  • The shaft support is molded in one piece, which reduces the operating vibration

3. Model Descripiton

4. Model Specifications

5. Performance Curve