PVN500-C series

PVN500-C series

PVD Hard Coating Equipment PVN500-C series

PVN 500-C series feature

  • Using cathode arc coating technologies, 6 inch round cathode source.
  • Mode:PVN500-C4;PVN500-C8.
  • The vacuum components are imported from aboard.
  • Special geometries target shutter
  • The octagonal stainless steel chamber, and double walled jacket cooling.
  • Install 4 sets Heater, and the temperature can be uniformly heated to 450℃.
  • Deploy ultrahigh vacuum turbo pump, and ultimate pressure 5*10-5 torr
  • Triple rotation of 8 axis carousel to improve coating uniformity
  • Lift table for Loading/Unloading
  • Fully automatic process, able to remote analyzing and program debugging

SEM Cross-section of AlTiN coating

SEM Cross-section of TiX-H coating