Deinking Agent


Deinking Agent 


        According to the current deinking waste paper with 

environmental protection considerations, it is a new generation 

of deinking agent product with excellent deinking effect. 

CM Chemical could provide excellent waste paper deinking 

solution for paper mills.



     – The Basic material of CM-P9115 is purified palm oil, so it displays clean color.

– CM-P9131 is based on higher grade alcohols, then polymerized by EO/PO.
– Environmentally friendly products help to improve the whiteness and retention of fiber.



        The product can be effectively dispersed in the fine pulp black pulp, color ink from the paper fiber surface, and the form of emulsion dispersed in water; 

dissolved in the ink of oily substances. So that carbon black, pigments and other tiny particles and paper fiber loss of adhesion in order to disperse in aqueous 

solution to achieve the purpose of removing the ink.