Colloidal Silica


Colloidal Silica

        can be used as one component of microparticle retention systems 

in the “wet end” of paper manufacturing. Typically, a high surface area 

colloidal silica is used with a cationic starch, poly-acrylamide, or other 

cationic polymer to flocculate cellulosic fibers for use in the papermaking 

process. An optimized process will result in higher retention of fiber and 

improved water drainage on the web.




– Ink colors and images hold to surfaces better and are less likely to penetrate the material below.
– Images printed on paper treated with colloidal silica are crisper and clearer.
– It is used to enhance the frictional and printing properties.



     – It facilitates flocculation of cellulose fibers for use in the papermaking process.
     – Higher retention of fiber and improved water drainage on the web.
– Increases the dry strength of paper products.